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“Midnight” – Review: Redux

Dee Dee Blasco & Sky Silvestry “We must not look at goblin men.”
Biff Cane & Sky Silvestry “What’s that supposed to mean?”
The Doctor & Sky Silvestry “It’s a poem. Christina Rossetti.”
Dee Dee Blasco & Sky Silvestry “We must not look at goblin men / We must not buy their fruits / Who knows upon what soil they fed / Their hungry, thirsty roots?”
The Doctor & Sky Silvestry “Actually, I don’t think that’s helping.”


Ladies and gentlemen and variations thereupon, if you’re not watching along with this marathon, then you’re going to regret missing “Midnight”. It is seriously good. Just at the time when the soon to be gone Russell T Davies got an OBE for his efforts and the vocal minority were bemoaning the fact that their anti-hero was penning all the remaining episodes in Series 4, the great man served up a real treat with this one. A claustrophobic slice of hardcore sci-fi that, even the folk who love him didn’t think that he would deliver.  Who said he didn’t have it in him? Go on, hands up.  Other than the pre-credits sequence, when the Doctor asks both Donna and the viewer “What could possibly go wrong?”, and the unusually downbeat final scene, the rest of the episode took place inside the cabin of a tourist vehicle on the eponymous planet. Continue reading