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50th Anniversary Retrospective: Introduction



Steven Moffat. 22nd November 2013 (at Official 50th Celebration) “[Doctor Who] makes all other television look redundant. Which, let’s be honest about it… it is”


I stood in a queue at the weekend with a bunch of people I’d never met before, and in all likelihood, will never meet again. Complete strangers brought together with a sole purpose: to go and celebrate fifty years of a daft old television show. I stood in many queues at the weekend, some for over an hour, some for less than five minutes but in every one (in Every. Single. One) there was chat, and greetings, and good wishes, and camaraderie. They were full of smiles and laughter and fair amount of fezzes and tweed too. There were fellow queuers who had flown in from New Zealand, the USA, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Scandanavia, and many more places to boot just to be there and say that they were there for the anniversary. I’d never been more proud to be a part of that community. Continue reading

“The Next Doctor” – Review: Redux

Jackson Lake “There she is. My transport through time and space. The TARDIS.”
The Doctor “You’ve got a balloon.”
Jackson Lake “TARDIS. T – A – R – D – I – S. It stands for Tethered Aerial Release Developed in Style! Do you see?”
The Doctor “Well, I do now. I like it. Good TARDIS.”


Normally I watch Doctor Who episodes at least twice. The first time is upon original transmission and I sit with wide-eyed pleasure and soak up every drop of new Whoishness that is played out before me. Despite the fact that I know that I will soon be watching it again with an aim of dissecting it, quoting it, arguing about it, analysing it and generally being far too critical, that first viewing is almost always the best before these corrupting influences of fandom begin to taint and smear the experience. Sometimes, and it’s wonderful when it happens, an episode will stand up to the inevitable barrage of negativity that its most loyal “fans” will lob its way. That Doctor Who so often rises above the critique is testament to its quality and the real reason why fandom persists and flourishes. On other occasions it is the passing of time itself that allows us ming-mongs to re-assess the stories and reach a genuine consensus (if such a thing even exists) as to any particular story’s true merit. On the flipside of this coin, there are those times, thankfully few and far between, that leave me a little cold on first viewing. Where the magic has been somehow dissipated or some essential ingredient is left either incorrectly mixed or missing entirely. On these occasions a second viewing can feel like a burden. Continue reading