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“School Reunion” – Review: Redux

The Doctor “Hello, Sarah-Jane”

School Reunion

When I first heard that Liz Sladen was to reprise her role as Sarah Jane Smith I have to confess that I doubted the wisdom of the decision. It’s been 30 years since she was regularly on our screens and travelling with Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker’s 3rd and 4th Doctors, so how many of the much discussed eight million viewers were going to remember her and what kind of relevance would her presence bring to the story other than to kow-tow to us die-hard fans. It was that kind of indulgent, self-reverencial attitude that some argue led to the show being put on ice all those years ago. My recollection of her character was from the exact time I fell in love with Doctor Who, from all those years ago when the fan in me was born, from another time. Fine, bring back Doctor Who for a new generation, speed it up, smarten it up, sharpen it up and make it a 21st century success story, but don’t go messing with it and especially don’t go messing with the bits from my childhood. Continue reading