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“The Name of the Doctor” – Review: Redux

War Doctor “What I did, I did without choice.”
The Doctor “I know.”
War Doctor “In the name of peace and sanity.”
The Doctor “But not in the name of the Doctor.”


Following a couple of duff episodes and, if I’m being brutally frank, a below-par Series 7b in general, one could be forgiven for thinking that all of everyone’s attention behind the scenes had been so drawn to the impending 50th Anniversary that some of the other episodes may not have got the attention they deserved. However, “The Name of the Doctor” was everything I could ever have wanted it to be. That is despite the fact that it didn’t really have much of a plot of which to speak. Essentially what happened was that the Paternoster Road gang were kidnapped by the Great Intelligence (and his Whispermen henchmen) and taken to the much mentioned Trenzalore, luring the Doctor and Clara to follow them against the Doctor’s better judgement. The reason being that Trenzalore is the location of the time-traveller’s grave amd time travellers should never, ever visit their own graves (Obviously?!). Once there, the Richard E Grant character jumps into the Doctor’s timeline (they don’t have bodies) to disrupt the Doctor’s history, and Clara jumps in afterwards to put it all right again. As if that wasn’t enough, the Doctor then completes the hat-trick by jumping in as well to rescue Clara. Continue reading


“The Bells of St. John” – Review: Redux

Doctor “Right then, Clara Oswald. Time to find out who you are.”

The Bells of Saint John

So the first review of an episode, the original airing of which was this year, which can only mean that the end is in sight. Quite how I’m managing to concentrate on “The Bells of St.John” after today’s revelations is beyond me though. Expect some rambling below. TBOSJ, while ostensibly the beginning of the second half of Series Seven, felt for all the world like the beginning of a new Series. The splitting of this series across two years effectively delivered a slow-down in the number of Doctor Who episodes produced, from the heady days of fourteen a year (plus all the extra stuff we used to get like Confidential, Totally Doctor Who, Torchwood and the Sarah Jane Adventures) to a rather miserly-sounding, eight. Of course 2013 is a year quite unlike any other before it in the universe of Doctor Who given its Golden Celebration happening in ten day’s time, but this reduction still sticks in the craw somewhat. Continue reading

“The Snowmen” – Review: Redux

Doctor “When you find something brand new in the world. Something you’ve never seen before. What’s the next thing you look for?”
Strax “A grenade”

The Snowmen

In the grand scheme of things and the fact that this one-hundred-and-two day Doctor Who extravaganza is now 93 days old, last Christmas seems like no more than a blink of an eye away. Throughout its resurgence since 2005, one of the only constants in twenty-first century Who’s life has been the Christmas special. So the question as we sit down to re-watch the the eighth and most recent is “Have they figured out what to do with them yet?. The answer is an unequivocal “Yes!” and as we sit here on the eve of the 50th Anniversary , looking forward to the next ‘golden’ special as well as the first Christmas Special to feature a regeneration, we can cast an eye back over the last festive outing and can assess a job well done. Continue reading