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50th Anniversary Retrospective: “The Day of the Doctor”

Doctor “I could retire and be the curator of this place.”
Curator “You know, I really think you might.”
Doctor “I never forget a face.”
Curator “I know you don’t. And in years to come you might find yourself…revisiting a few. But just the old favourites, eh?”


Whenever I watch Doctor Who, it has almost entirely been from the sofa of whichever house I happened to be living in at the time, although I do have memories of my childhood viewing technique of lying down on the floor, elbows under my head, with chin perched on my hands. Most of the time, viewing was a solitary experience. My parents, to this day, don’t really get it, and my brother was never a fan. I married in 2002 (during the wilderness years), over a year before the show’s triumphant return was even announced and nearly three years before “Rose” was broadcast. My wife had no idea what she was getting into, but she has enough taste in good television to sit and enjoy the new show with me. Having said that, I’m still not sure I could convince her to sit down and watch “Image of the Fendahl” or “The Romans” or somesuch. Given all this, it was beyond my comprehension to think that I would be watching the 50th anniversary special by leaving the “Official 50th Celebration” at the Excel with a bunch of other fans, many of whom were in Doctor Who costume, getting a cable car across the River Thames to the O2 arena, where we would watch the episode with 775 other fans on a screen 22-metres wide in glorious 3D. Not only that, there were more than 1,500 cinemas worldwide showing the same thing at the same time as it was simulcast in 94 countries and dubbed or subtitled into 15 other languages, watched by nigh-on 13 million people in the UK and who knows how many elsewhere. Not bad for kid’s show. But what to make of it all? The brief was not exactly a simple one: write an episode of the greatest television show that the world has ever seen that celebrates its dazzling, fifty-year heritage; that impresses dedicated fans of all ages as the centrepiece of the anniversary celebrations; that appeals to a large slice of an audience who have a take it or leave attitude to the show (the fools!); and paves the way to securing another half-century of Whovian goodness. It would not have been many people’s first response to this challenge, which had indeed been laid at the feet of Steven Moffat, to say, “Right. Let’s bring back the Zygons”. Continue reading


Happy Who Year

We are now in Doctor Who’s golden year. Strictly speaking the fiftieth year of the show began on 24th November 2012, but poetically I prefer the assumption that 2013 just sounds like it’s fifty years since 1963 and that any year of celebration should begin right now on 1st January. I am expecting news, brand new telly adventures and events aplenty over the next 12 months, so I thought I’d stoke up the old blog and do something with it. I am quite sure that I don’t have any regular readers given my complete lack of blogging recently, but if I did, I would now be telling them how sorry I was for not writing anything here since 24th September and not even bothering to write up my review of last week’s Christmas special, “The Snowmen” let alone last autumn’s Pond farewell (in “The Angels Take Manhattan”). I would also be making earnest promises to do better in the future and provide, what I assume is still called, regular content.

So, there are two episode reviews in the pipeline. Then, this weekend I will be making my first visit to Cardiff’s Doctor Who Experience since its relocation from Olympia… a review of that will be forthcoming too. I have also subscribed to Big Finish’s second series of Fourth Doctor Adventures starring Tom Baker and the late Mary Tamm. As if that wasn’t enough, the first classic DVD release of the year is coming this Monday as “The Legacy Boxset” makes its debut. So plenty to get my creative writing juices flowing. New year, new start. I wonder if I can keep this up?!