Doctor Who Official 50th Anniversary Celebration -Day One

So, day one at the event of the millennium and here is a quick summary and hints and tips for those coming on Saturday or  Sunday. There’ll be more news in the comments when I think about them and over the course of the weekend. Follow me on Twitter to ask any questions (@fazzinchi)……

  1. Queues at the start were very long. I was in Ice Warrior stream so was asked to queue from the east. There were a few Weeping Angels over that side too and they were in a tiny queue. Not sure if that could be a bit of a cheat to shortcut the long queue as they might fix it by tomorrow.
  2. This queue vanished rapidly when tickets were scanned and lanyards distributed. Then the Celebration was yours to explore…. Unless you were an Ice Warrior, who then got corralled in to an aircraft hanger type space and made to wait for the SFX show. I’d recommend just dipping out after you get your lanyard if you have other WA events that you have tickets for.
  3. Screening Rooms and Classic Lounges were popular but the ones that I was in were 95% occupied. Very quick entry. Guest artists at these were happy to sign stuff and have pics taken for free afterwards.
  4. Autos. I queued for about 10 minutes to get Jenna’s sig first up. Cribbins later on was about 40 minutes. Multiple autos in one session were pretty straightforward too: just joining Mimi-queues in the auto area. it was a shame to see companions and other guests with no-one in their queues, but the staff wouldn’t let me pop over and get a cheeky auto without coughing up £15 at the Official Show Merchandise stand (Despite my winningest smile and charm)
  5. Loads of famous Whovians milling around and all more than happy to chat, sign, and have pics taken
  6. The retail area is awesome….. If anyone can give me 4 or 5 grand I might just be able to buy everything I wanted. Special word of praise to Big Finish for having special guests all day. Rubber toe, DWFiguirines, Big chief  all excellent? Peter Davison on hand at the Royal Mail stamp stand in the afternoon for getting your picture with him on a stamp.
  7. Grab a Show Planner early on and get your bearings. Knowing where you are rushing to is a big help.
  8. The official show brochure is £15 but v gorgeous
  9. The prop display section was packed all day until about 6pm at which time it was almost empty
  10. The BBC Shop had a huge queue all day long as did the Tardis console photo op (Didn’t see the set for this one)
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