And So It Begins… #SaveTheDay

I am taking a break from the marathon viewathon of all 102 21st century episodes of Doctor Who, to bring you the news that all Doctor Who fans have been waiting for: the big marketing push is well and truly underway. The episode will be here in just 15 short day’s time but firstly a few videos have been released.

First up, we have the Doctor, finally jumping aboard the social media bandwagon with this plea to use the hashtag: #SaveTheDay in every place possible (oh, go on then)….

Secondly, we have another amusing field report from Strax reporting on the fact that the Zygons are coming back…..

Thirdly, following the trailer for the Brian Cox: Science of Doctor Who Lecture, we get this lovely little scene featuring the pair of them, both in character….

And finally, I was about to show you a clip from the episode itself, which ever so briefly appeared online about an hour ago but which was subsequently taken down: I am assuming because of some kind of embargo. However, I did see it and it was good. And it will no doubt be back very soon. It featured a ‘painting’.

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