Peter Capaldi IS the Doctor

Is there a Doctor in the house?


So, a week or so back, there was an announcement about a pilot for a new BBC TV show about celebrating the history of various telly programmes and the pilot was going to be focussing on Doctor Who. A general request went out saying that if any fans wanted to be in the audience (dressing up optional), then you could apply for tickets. In a seemingly unrelated and thoroughly innocuous event, an edition on Celebrity Mastermind was announced in the schedules for 7pm on Sunday 4th August. History, and heavy trails over the last 48 hours, has now revealed that this was a pretty effective ruse dreamt up by insiders at the Beeb to produce a live show in which the casting for the twelfth Doctor would be announced. And bookies favourite over the last four or five days at least, Peter Capaldi, got the gig.

I genuinely could not be more thrilled: he’s been excellent in everything I’ve seen him in and he most definitely has that essential Doctor-ish quality. And, it would seem, I am not alone. On a poll on Gallifrey Base, fans have been asked to give a simple “Thumbs Up”. “Thumbs Down” or a “Don’t Know Yet”… as I type the voting is standing at 88.59% thumbs up. That’s what I call a solid response from a notoriously fickle and hard-to-please audience. And here’s a bit of Twitter commentary too….

Alastair Campbell: “Very grateful for all the congratulatory tweets re my new role as Dr Who, however undeserved. Good luck to Peter Capaldi”

Simon Mayo: “Oh the sweet joy of being younger than Dr Who”

John Hurt: “Congratulations to Peter Capaldi and to the BBC. Another splendid Doctor!”

Richard E Grant: “Bravo on the brilliant BBC choice to Tardis the talents of Peter Capaldi as the 12th Dr Who!!”

Katy Manning: “Well I couldn’t be happier with the choice ! Peter Capaldi takes the baton xxxx”

Karen Gillan: “CAPALDI! Superb choice. Swear I’ve seen him in Pompeii…”

Colin Baker: “Delighted to hear Peter Capaldi is the new Doctor, very good choice. Another Scot eh? Nice to have a more mature Doctor too. Bring it on!!”

Armando Iannucci: “There can’t be a funnier, wiser, more exciting Time Lord than Peter Capaldi. The universe is in great hands.”

Bonnie Langford: “Have to break my #twittersilence to congratulate Peter Capaldi on his new role. Xx”

Graham Linehan: “Well done to Peter Capaldi. He will make scary things scarier and funny things funnier.”

John Barrowman: “Peter Capaldi good choice and good actor. Also he’s #Scottish. Can’t go wrong:) welcome to the #DoctorWho family :)…” 

Mark Gatiss: “Thrilling, moving, beyond exciting. Cometh the hour, cometh the man! Peter Capaldi is the PERFECT choice. Welcome, Doctor!”

Freema Agyeman: “Peter Capaldi! The show is in safe hands. Great choice”

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