Light Who Touch Paper

If one were to watch all of the episodes of Doctor Who from the 2005 re-launch “Rose” all the way through to “The Name of the Doctor”, one would, excluding all the mini-episodes that have littered the intervening years, be sitting through 102 episodes of a British institution. Furthermore, if one decided to watch one of these episodes each and every day then wouldn’t it be thrilling if one were to time that viewing marathon to conclude the day before the show’s 50th Anniversary when the next, 103rd episode was to air? Imagine the fun that could be had if some random blogger decided to revisit and (re)write a review of each of those programmes as he watched them. Well, imagine no more because that’s exactly what I’m going to endeavour to do in my own little celebration of the Golden Anniversary.

You understand, of course, that this will never work. This blog is nothing if not one aborted attempt after another to commit myself to the act of regularly writing about the world’s greatest cultural phenomenon. But it’s worth a shot, and at least I already have episode reviews to act as a basis for this Review: Redux (if that’s the right phrase). Furthermore, as we approach the 23rd of November, and Steven Moffat delivers on his promise to “take over television” there will also be news, views, opinion pieces and controversy… quite likely beginning on Sunday night when an unprecedented live TV show on BBC1 will reveal the actor who will become the Twelfth Doctor. A quick calculation tells me that my marathon review should begin on Tuesday 13th August, so that “The Name of the Doctor” gets viewed on Friday 22nd November, however, I am going to be starting on Monday 12th August instead, because on Friday 22nd November, I will be joining thousands of similarly unbalanced fans at the three-day 50th Anniversary Celebration at the Excel in London.

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