496 Days To Go – Conventions

Golden Anniversary Countdown = 496 days to go

I have never been a big convention goer. There have been two notable exceptions to this rule: firstly, in 2007, I went to a one-day Invasion con in Barking, and then secondly, earlier this year when I ventured to Cardiff of the Official Event in March. As I sit here today seeing my RSS feed, Facebook wall, and Twitter time-line fill up with news, pictures and stories about the San Diego Comic-Con, I think I may be starting to get the bug. Last night, on a completely separate subject, Mrs F and I popped over to Fareham (Ferneham Hall) to watch a friend performing in Chess: The Musical (and jolly good it was too). However, in the foyer of the theatre, where you might have expected a giant chess set or somesuch, I saw this fella….

Apparently there is to be a Power: Reimagined convention running there on 1st September. I might just pop along. It was actually great fun to sit there for a few minutes and watch all the theatre goers point, smile, chat about and have their pictures taken with Skaro’s finest, while queuing up to go and see a musical about a Cold War chess match, written by the blokes from Abba. This Doctor Who thing has widespread appeal, ya know.

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