Everyone Hates The Daleks

When Russell T Davies brought back the Daleks in 2005, after inordinate amounts of legal wranglings with the estate of Terry Nation about their use, then Who fans around the globe held their collective breath to see how their return (and the reaction to their return) would play out. Happily, especially for the producers of merchandise, everything worked out beautifully. A little resurgence of Dalekmania followed Rob Shearman’s Dalek masterpiece that was, er, “Dalek” and everything in Doctor Who’s garden was rosy. But then the metal meanies from Skaro returned again, and again, and again. Each time through “Parting of the Ways”, “Doomsday”, “…in Manhatten / Evolution of…”, and “Stolen Earth” the mystique seemed, by the vocal consent of what was probably a minority of fans, to get tarnished. It seemed to be getting harder and harder to find a good Dalek story. So, Steven Moffat handed script duties to the capable hands of Mark Gatiss, threw in World War Two and told him to create another Dalek masterpiece. What he got was controversy.

The thing about “Victory of the Daleks” is that the whole thing is overshadowed by the new paradigm’s Jony Ive style design. Gone are the rivets and metal and toughness and in come these tall, polished, hump-backed, primary-coloured monstrosities, looking more like Power Ranger variants than the most evil threat in the universe. And everyone talks about them instead of Churchill and the bunker and war-torn London and the Spitfires. I have to say, and I prepare to be shot down in flames much like Bracewell’s Ironsides, but I really enjoyed watching this again and – whisper it gently – I quite like the new Dalek design… hump and all. However, I fear that I am a lone voice in the wilderness on this issue and suspect, that if there was one decision that the Production Team down at Upper Boat wish they could change about the 2010 series, it would be new iDaleks.

I guess a few final words about clues are in order (that is after all one of the reasons for the re-watch of the 2010 stories): Firstly, the Daleks clearly escape in a way that sets up their return as inevitable but will they be back this year? Secondly, Amy’s crack makes another appearance (stop giggling at the back!) in the final frame of the episode for the second week running but the resolution for that has come and gone, hasn’t it? And thirdly, and most interestingly of all, Amy’s lack of recollection about the Dalek events of “The Stolen Earth”. Does this mean that all the events of this series happen in an alternative, now non-existent world and that the true events unfold complete with Daleks, and with Amy’s mum and dad, and with the reality that leads up the wedding in Big Bang? Or is there more jiggery-pokery in the offing that will clear this up in 2011? Answers on a postcard if you would.

    • Adam Stone
    • April 11th, 2011

    There is probably more jiggery-pokery in the offing I would say, I doubt it would be that simple, not with Steven Moffatt anyway!

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