Don't Forget The Beast

Day Two of the rewatch: and at its core the Beast Below has a premise that I found to be pretty much forgettable. When I originally posted my review I said I thought that it was better than its predecessor and, while a lot of the things that I loved about it remain true (the consolidation of the Doctor and Amy’s relationship, Sophie Okenedo, and some of the Big Brother-y elements – Orwell not Endemol, and even the Star Wars references), I actually disagree with that: it’s not as good as the season opener. It is true that I haven’t seen this one as much as Eleventh Hour and some of the details had been lost in the midst of time, but whenever I think about it I think, “There’s a Space Whale carrying a ship the population of the UK and no one knows about it?! Yeah, right!”. In terms of clues for 2011 though, I came up dry. One glimpse of a crack in the universe in the hull right at the end but nothing much continuity-wise as far as I could see. How about you?

    • Adam Stone
    • April 10th, 2011

    I'm with you on the references to the finale front. Apart from the crack and the reappearance of Liz 10 I don't think that there is anything else!

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