Eleventh Hour Revisited

When I first reviewed the Eleventh Hour back in April last year, I felt the need to pick at some the more niggly moments that had bothered me a little during the show: Some of the effects weren’t quite up to the standard I had hoped (something which pains me to say yet still holds true) and the Atraxi ships and Prisoner Zero looked a little naff (although the Atraxi thing makes more sense to me now… it would have added far too much unnecessary guff to proceedings if a new alien race had to leave their ships and interact with all and sundry. Far better to give the ships themselves a bit of personality and get on with things). However, this really is a story that holds up well to a rewatch, to the extent it probably seems closer to an 8-out-of-10 than the 6.5 I’d have given it first time round.

The intricacy of the plotting and the attention to detail is really impressive with barely a second of screen-time being wasted.  The new theme composition now feels like an old friend rather than a new, funky imposter that grated on this viewer twelve months ago. Of course, the object of the exercise in this re-watch season is twofold. One, to start to get in the mood for the new series: Job done. And two, to see if we can gain any clues. On the latter point, there are two obvious elements to pick out… “Silence will fall” gets its first mention although we still have no idea what this will mean, and also there is the mysterious figure in little Amelia’s house that rushes by the window while Amelia waits in the garden. I’s still not sure whether that figure is supposed to be just Prisoner Zero, the Doctor, River Song, or an as yet unknown character. But at least we know we’ll be getting some more details on the Silence (or Silents) in the next few weeks.

So what have you picked out of the 11th Doctor’s first full adventure?

    • Adam Stone
    • April 10th, 2011

    Each time I watch The Eleventh Hour I spot something that I didn't on the previous viewing, there is just so much going on there. I guess it could be assumed that the figure rushing across the window could be Prisoner Zero, but even after watching the rest of the series I am still not entirely convinced that it was.Prisoner Zero at all.

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