DWM 433 – Review

Look what turned up on the doormat this lunchtime! It’s only my subscription copy of the mighty Doctor Who Magazine, number 433 for those keeping score. This time (for the fourth time in its history) we get a choice of four covers… Amy, the Doctor, Rory or River. The ‘choice’ thing isn’t really a factor for the subscribers of the world because, as my mum used to tell me, you get what you’re given. I really rather wanted the River cover but it wasn’t to be. The question, therefore, is… am I fan enough to buy another copy? My mum also used to tell me “It’s what’s on the inside that counts” and that is true here as well. Wise woman, my mum.

Well, it’s everything you would expect in the weeks leading up to transmission of Series 32. Tom effervesces in the editorial, Steven causes much hilarity in the Production Notes, and the Gallifrey Guardian is replete with news, including the correct titles for the first seven episodes and also two more from the second half of the series: just ignore what I told you yesterday. Episode 3 gets the moniker of The Curse of the Black Spot, 6 becomes The Almost People, 9 will be What Little Boys Are Made Of, and 11 will be the God Complex. All this and we’re only on page seven. Then we get to the juicy stuff. Previews of episodes 1 and 2 (seemingly not being broadcast on the Easter Saturday and Sunday as some had speculated) as well as (happily) the new look DW Confidential coming soon to BBC3 and a monster interview with the Boss, Steven Moffat. I’ve not read any of this you understand, I do have a job to do, but it looks sumptuous as ever.

Now, I don’t usually get into the Big Finish material. I have about a dozen or so CD’s but for the most part the ever-expanding corner of the Whoniverse remains an unexplored mystery to me. However, the feature here on the unmade 1990 series that has now found its way on to a new BF series, really tantalises. I will have to have a listen to them. The rest of the magazine features the now familiar Countdown to 50 (series 4), the comic strip (Forever Dream by Jonathan Morris with art by Adrian Salmon), Time Team (Aliens of London), Fact of Fiction (of the TV movie), Battle of Wits (is the Doctor half human?), a quick interview (Geoffrey Beavers), reviews, previews, competitions, and the Next Month teaser. It’s a lot to take in. I also got another Who-related delivery but more on that tomorrow.

    • springyrice
    • April 9th, 2011

    I got the Amy cover too. I would have preferred the Doctor cover though. I nearly cracked and bought it yesterday but your mum's right: it's what's on the inside that counts! Lovely review by the way.

    • Adam Stone
    • April 6th, 2011

    I want the River cover too!

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