Mission To The Unknown

12 Blogs of Christmas: #12

I have had a dabble with this old blog following its minor relaunch and revised mission that I announced back in early December. I have written a total of 15 new posts in little over a month, starting with a few comments about some random Who-related bits and bobs and concluding with this “Twelve Blogs of Christmas” series, which ostensibly finishes right now. The question becomes, what next? To start with, 2011 is going to be a busy year for Doctor Who: We will have 6 spring episodes, 7 autumn ones and a Christmas special (not to mention the associated Confidentials), 10 Torchwoods, 12 episodes of Sarah Jane Adventures, 13 Doctor Who Magazines and 3 DWM Specials, dozens of action figures, a full year of classic DVD releases, The Doctor Who Experience opening in Earl’s Court (I already have a ticket) and who knows what else still to be announced.

It is going to be difficult to make this blog stand out from the community of other Doctor Who blogs out on the web. And to a degree, the fact is that I don’t especially want to stand out too much. It is time, given that it is nice and early in 2011 for a little slice of introspection for which I hope you will indulge me. What follows are some conclusions that I’ve reached and some ideas for moving forward….

  • I get a bit lost as a fan trawling round Gallifrey Base (and much the same is true of my occasional visits to Doctor Who Online), especially in the furore immediately following transmission of a new episode or a particularly exciting slice of Who-news. So much so, that it is easy to feel that any contribution or comment that I feel like making is lost in the torrent of chatter. An exercise in futility: Like trying to explain “What’s canon?” or to reconcile UNIT dating. Too many replies in too short a time and it’s nigh on impossible to sort the wheat from the chaff. I need an outlet that is less urgent and more relaxed (more “wheat-y”?) and this place, I feel, will serve that purpose just fine. My comments about the Whoniverse, in my own time, and I’ll provide links from GB, DWO and Twitter so that, if anyone’s interested in what I have to say, they can come and visit.
  • Another conclusion that I have reached is that I am not writing this Doctor Who blog for anyone else’s benefit except my own. I sincerely hope that I get some regular readers and, if you’re reading this, I would be more than happy to hear from you in the comments from time to time. However, there is a challenge. A blog without feedback or comment is self-indulgent at best and pointless at worst, but there are innumerable sites out there that serve more specific purposes. News sites, sites full of syndicated links, review sites, comment sites, the list goes on. I feel that this place will be jack-of-all-trades and master of none as I try and hone its objectives. I will try and post updates in a timely manner so that I will be talking about the things that other fans are talking about because, more than anything, blogs should be relevant. Equally, I won’t even attempt a comprehensive review of everything that is released or broadcast with a DW logo on it. That way madness lies.
  • My other blog, that covers all the other aspects of my life is currently replete with talk of New Year’s resolutions and one of those resolutions relates to this place. The target that I have set myself is designed to be thoroughly achievable and is simply to publish 100 posts in 2011. In truth, 10 posts per month is probably my secret ambition, i.e. 120 in the year. Judging by the list above, I am sure that I will have enough to talk about, I just hope I can maintain the motivation. The next posts will, I anticipate, be about DWM #430 and the new Meglos DVD.
  • Just looking at the blog from an objective perspective for a moment, and I think that what I have done in these last dozen posts does, if truth be told, looks a bit bland (although I hope the content was interesting enough on the whole). A a consequence, I will be endeavouring to get more pics and more links included within my blogging to cheer the place up. And may be I will create a bit more interaction by resurrecting the old polls or coming up with an idea or two to be fans together.

So, a simple enough as a set of blog objectives, but here endeth the navel gazing. I will, henceforth, forge onwards to bring you a nice and (hopefully) well written fan site and I hope you join me on the journey (RSS and Tweet feeds can be found above).

    • Adam Stone
    • January 14th, 2011

    I agree that is difficult to know what to put in a Doctor Who blog when there are so many out there.

    Ostensibly mine is a review blog much like the Behind the Sofa blog that we both used to contribute too. In face I only started this one because they decided they wanted to cut down the number of writers on BTS and I was left with no where to put my ravings.

    I look forward to reading what you post on here about some of the topic you mentioned above. I might even have a go at something similar myself, or perhaps I won't. I haven't decided yet.

    Keep up the good work.

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