The Postponement Of The Terraphiles

12 Blogs of Christmas: #9

So, today’s blog was supposed to be about Michael Moorcock’s first foray in to the world of Doctor Who, with a review of his recent book, “The Coming of the Terraphiles”. It has been sitting on my shelf for about a month or so, ever since I picked up a cheap(ish) copy from Tesco. I had every intention of sitting down during my relaxing Christmas holidays and devouring this from cover to cover. But, it didn’t quite work out that way. Eleven days off work sounds like loads and I really should’ve found myself the time to curl up with a good book but I failed (again). I am currently only on page 30 or so, and to review it now based on that small chunk alone would no more fair than judging it by its cover (which, if I did, would give it a score of about one-out-of-ten because the cover is, to be frank, a bit rubbish). Therefore, I have turned my Twelve Blogs series back to New Year’s Eve when I failed to Review Doctor Who in 2010 and have provided something a bit more comprehensive for your edification. Hope you enjoy.

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