Sarah Jane's 2010

12 Blogs of Christmas: #5

I was going to spend blog number five in my sequence of twelve reviewing the year for the Sarah Jane Adventures. A year in which series four hit our screens and half of series six also got filmed. It was a year that re-introduced us to Jo Grant, let Matt Smith’s Doctor meet up with Sarah Jane and let us know that Rani and Clyde were going to go a little “Hermione and Ron” on us. However, I just read Dan Berry’s review in the latest DWM and he said everything that I was going to say, except he did it more comprehensively, more coherently and with much more panache than I could wish for. Anyway, it’s late and I am feeling the need for an early night. Go read DWM 429 and just imagine me saying “ditto” on the bottom. See you tomorrow for more.

[If the muse takes me, I come back and update this blog in the morning]

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