DW Magazine – 429 Review

12 Blogs of Christmas: #3

As mentioned previously, my copy of Doctor Who Magazine #429 was delivered one week late following the snow and pre Christmas rush. However, it finally turned up a couple of days before Christmas and, I’ll be honest with you, I haven’t had a chance to read it all. But I promised you a review and that’s what you’re gonna get. The first thing to note is that it turned up in a polybag. These things are controversial within the circles of fandom who choose to debate such things but they are required to keep additional content in place such as this issues “three limited edition art cards”. I still can’t fathom what exactly they were doing there. The second thing to note is that there is a fair heft to this volume as it is 84 pages in length. According to Tom Spilsbury in the editorial, from #430 this will become the norm for DWM and they’ll certainly have no trouble in filling it.

Kicking things off is a 6-page preview of A Christmas Carol. Not a single spoiler was contained therein because I didn’t read it till after seeing the Christmas special. The Moff teases us in his usual fashion within the Production Notes and makes some comments about story arcs that makes me think they’ll play some significant role in 2011, or at least more so than in previous years. Then, after the news, previews and letters we arrive at a nice looking eight page interview with Tom Baker. Always a fascinating man but still on the “to be read” section. This month’s comic strip is an old-fashioned looking one with interesting artwork from Rob Davis. At times it looks a little too simplistic for my tastes, but “The Professor, The Queen and The Bookshop” has some moments when the essence of Matt Smith’s Doctor is brilliantly captured. It’s a nice little one-part Chistmas-y tale without being anything to do with Christmas. Works well, as my mother-in-law would say.

There follows a timely interview with Katy Manning (again unread by me so far) complete with obligatory saucy photos. I would love to see her return to our screens again following her successful appearance in SJA earlier this year, should the opportunity arise. The Review of 2010 doesn’t reveal anything we didn’t know already but that doesn’t stop it being a good idea and one that I will nick for a forthcoming post on this very blog. The Fact of Fiction turns its attention to much disliked Horns of Nimon. I will dig out the DVD and read this piece to see if I can locate some redeeming qualities. The reviews this month, as well as the usual CD/DVD bias, feature a long overdue look at the successful range of action figures produced by Character Options.

The issue closes with a bit of a mish-mash, including the 2010 survey, some attempted humour in the Space-Time Telegraph, a whole host of competitions for things I never win, a fiendish Christmas quiz and a nice little “Who on Earth is…” interview with Carole Ann Ford. And finally. the most intriguing thing about the whole issue is saved for the final page, which promises a “Bold New Look [and] Brand New Features” in issue 430. Sometime after 13th January, I might be able to tell you about them too. I’ll have probably finished 429 by then.

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