Waiting For 429

Greetings loyal readers… yes, both of you. Just a quick update for you as I sit here, one week in to my wait for the latest subscription copy of DWM to arrive. A combination of the wrong kind of snow, postal backlogs, the general pre-Christmas rush and who knows what else means that my wait for issue 429 of the greatest magazine in the world goes on. As I sit here and twiddle my thumbs, I have been working on a list: Doctor Who fans love a good list. Mine is the list of the Twelve Blogs of Christmas that I will be writing for your general entertainment in the days from Boxing Day to the Epiphany. The latter, for those who don’t know, is the celebration of the arrival of the three wise men bearing gifts for that Palestinian kid donkey’s years ago. These dozen missives will my gift to you as a way of saying sorry for being absent for the best part of 2010.

  • 26th Dec – Review of the 2010 Christmas special,”A Christmas Carol”
  • 27th Dec – Doctor Who Confidential: What the Future Might Hold
  • 28th Dec – Doctor Who Magazine #429 Reviewed
  • 29th Dec – The Rise and Fall of Torchwood Magazine
  • 30th Dec – Sarah Jane Adventures 2010: A Review
  • 31st Dec – Doctor Who 2010 in Review
  • 1st Jan – Looking Forward to Doctor Who in 2011
  • 2nd Jan – The Mazes of Time: DW in new formats
  • 3rd Jan – Coming of the Terraphiles: A Review
  • 4th Jan – Five Inches of Plastic: DW Action Figures on Parade
  • 5th Jan – 2010 DVD Round-Up
  • 6th Jan – Change, My Dear
    • Fazzinchi
    • December 22nd, 2010

    #429 has arrived. However, I have just got from work and am just about to leave for a Christmas meal with friends. I am doomed to never read it.

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