Guess Who's Back?

It’s been over six months since my last post on this website and I bet you never thought you’d hear from me again. Truth be told, I wasn’t sure myself whether or not I’d be back. In the intervening months I have been concentrating on another website that is more of a personal journal effort rather than being content-specific like this one. So, I had to make a decision regarding what to do with this place. From the outset, the remit of has been for me to discuss what I’ve been watching on TV and this breadth allowed me to cover subjects as diverse as sport, news, politics, and even obituaries. However, there was a  bit of an issue with that, inasmuchas the blog was quick to lose direction and people looking here for my comments on sport would have been distracted and perhaps turned off by the sci-fi stuff and, equally, vice versa. The more recent development is that the aforementioned “other blog” can now happily cater for that diversity of content under its umbrella objective of just being a personal commentary place. Therefore, that question regarding what was to be done here became more fundamental.

The answer is… Doctor Who. There has been something of a focus here on the TV series since Russell T Davies brought it back in 2005. From that opening episode of “Rose” to the final post below this one that looked at “Amy’s Choice”, I managed to write reviews of all the intervening episodes. And you can see links to them all (including a personal rating) if you follow the “Episode Reviews…” link above. It has, bar a few self-imposed wilderness years, always been my favourite telly programme and it seemed appropriate that I make the effort to re-brand into a dedicated Doctor Who fansite. This will serve to give this site some much needed focus as well as providing me with a channel for my fandom. I’m all too aware that the internet isn’t exactly crying out for another Whovian who feels the urge to ram their opinions down other people’s broadband connection and it won’t be a news service either as there are plenty of other excellent resources out there that I hope we can share with each over time. So this will just be a gentle, personal exercise in sharing my thoughts on the greatest TV show that the world has ever seen!

In order to accomplish this, I have stripped back the blog with a nice, new theme, taken out a lot of the unnecessary fluff and will endeavour to keep coming back with regular content for your enjoyment. Hopefully, you’ll stick around.

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