Ashes To Ashes – Episode 1

Ashes To Ashes

Any Guesses?

When Keeley Hawes announced at the start of Ashes to Ashes on Friday night with the words “My name is Alex Drake. And quite frankly, your guess is as good as mine”, I couldn’t have agreed with her more. This show, although less so its predecessor, Life On Mars, has always been about what’s happening on the fringes of the story rather than the story itself. In all the furore about Doctor Who at the weekend, I failed to blog about this installment but it does throw up an interesting comparrison. Doctor Who (since 2005) has, on the majority of occasions, been about telling an amazing adventure story set within a little bit of continuity, or “arcs” as we fans like to call them, thrown in to tease the observant. LoM and AtA conversely are more about the arc stories of Sam and Alex and less about the specific plot of the kidnapping / robbery / fraud / murder that should beat at the heart of each weekly installment but which tend to come across as slightly crime-show-by-numbers. Perhaps this is a good thing, though, as it’s the anachronism that makes the show great and the perpetual puzzlement of the audience trying to unravel who knows what and which bits exactly are supposed to be real within the narrative. With this and Lost running simultaneously at 9pm on a Friday night my brain cells will be fried by the time I go to bed.


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