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So Matt Smith and Karen Gillan are in publicity overdrive for series 1/5/31/Fnarg. Adverts are truning up all over the Beeb on TV and Radio with some nice special recordings made by the two stars as the TARDIS cleverly turning up in various studios. There are magazine covers galore with all the usuals like DWM (obviously, although there are two variants out tomorrow) and the Radio Times (who got the scoop on the new TARDIS interior) and other listing mags but also GT (never bought Gay Times before), a cover picture on the Times last Saturday and even some strange places like a technology mag I saw in Tesco earlier this week. Plenty of news reports are being made too, on local programmes and places like BBC Breakfast and Newsround, all now being spurred on by a bus going on tour round the country. All good stuff. It has led to the inevitable flurry of clips and a fair few spoilers for those who have got to see the episode early, so I imagine that there are a fair few spoiler-phobes hiding under their beds between now and Saturday night. So, how excited are you getting now? To help you on your way, here are some links from friends and Gallifrey Base users who’ll be tracking the new series…..

  1. Thanks for the link, Richard and welcome!
    Great review (jealous that you've seen in already) and nice blog too.

    • Richard
    • April 2nd, 2010

    I've posted a spoiler free review of The Eleventh Hour on my blog:

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