What A Relief


31,633,091 Reasons To Be Cheerful

I sat down to watch some of the Sport Relief telethon on Friday night. I say “some” because clearly the Other Viewer and I had to turn over at 9pm to watch the latest installment of Lost. The BBC telethon is an established TV event with the format becoming largely predictable: guest hosts, a few famous folk doing skits, some pop acts on to publicise their latest single, some heartbreaking reports of people so very much more worse off that you or I can imagine being, and Annie Lennox inevitably popping up at some point. It still surprises me though, that the Comic Relief nights (and its little sporty cousin) always seem to be more slickly produced affairs than the BBC’s own Children In Need charity. I blame the CiN cutaways to local TV, which are invariably awful and make you wish that you lived anywhere but in the South-East, for the rather ramshackle affair that we get presented with each November. However, the highlight of this year’s Sport Relief was the James Cordon’s “Smiffy The Coach” set piece that had me laughing out loud (LOL’ing for your web heads out there) on many occasions. I know a lot of people seem to dislike the guy, possibly as a result of his ill-fated sketch show, but in my humble opinion he’s quite alright by me. Either way, I hope that some of the £31,633,091 raised so far is down to his efforts.

  1. March 22nd, 2010

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