Davros Returns

24 Day 8 Davros

“Welcome to my new empire, Doctor!”

Catching up with the Day 8 of 24 over recent days and I was very amused to find that the guy who played Eugene Tooms in the X-Files (and also Horace of the Dharma Initiative in Lost) was now portraying none other than Davros! Actually it was someone other than that Davros because Doug Hutchison, for that is he, was pretty good in his role as a hired assassin for the first four episodes until, as is usual in 24, he met an untimely demise. When I was a kid I always thought that one of Kojak’s co-workers was also called Davros but I got that one wrong too. So, are there any other circumstances where a Davros has turned up in unlikely places? Comments in the usual place please. [While I have your attention, don’t forget to vote in the February poll (over on the right) of your most anticipated US import for the coming months]

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