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Lost series 6 LAX

Putting Your Foot In It

Hello. Did you miss me?  I’ve been extraordinarily slack in maintaining this blog over the last month or so, bar the Twitter feed on the right that really just looks after itself. Genuine apologies. Grand plans to write up a series of previews and reviews of the Chistmas TV schedules came to naught (other than the obligatory “End Of Time” review in my most recent post on 1st January). May be I should just stop with the ambitious promises and grandiose plans and simply get my head down with the writing. For those that are interested, my blogging muse has been focussed on my Other Site of late, which is a more personal and somewhat esoteric affair about me as I blog my way through my final 365 days as a thirtysomething, during which I endeavour to give my life some focus and stick to some resolutions (that are proving as tricky as I thought they would). Anyway, I couldn’t let Friday night’s SkyOne HD debut of the final season of Lost go without mention and I hope that this little entry here will trigger a mini-re-launch in content here on “fazzinchi.co.uk”.

Series 6 continued with the theme of “Baffling The Audience” albeit in the most delightful way. The cliffhanger to series 5 was Juliet lying in the bottom of the pit, hitting a nuclear warhead with a rock before the screen went to white-out, and we follow on from that moment back at the begining of everything with Jack sat on Oceanic 815 playing out scenes with all the characters we’ve already scene just before the plane begins to hit turbulence above the island. However, instead of the plane disintegrating as we know it does, or at least should, it corrects itself and goes on the land safely at LAX picking up Desmond as a passenger for good measure. However, in case we weren’t all bemused enough by that, the same characters are continuing to exist on the island AS WELL in a Sliding Doors way it was described by Iain Lee on the mighty Lost Initiative podcast. So, after the flashbacks and flashforwards of previous seasons, it would seem that we are now going to get flashes to an alternative timeline (flashsideways, perhaps?) where we see what would have happened if they had landed. However (and yes, I know that is three “howevers” in a paragraph but it’s just that kind of show okay), we also find out that Juliet’s attempt to correct history by detonating the bomb actually worked, so I’m working on the hypothesis that both sets of realities are somehow real. Certainly, all is not as it should be in the non-crash world with lots of little things being out of synch with established continuity. Listen, if you really wanna find out what happened I can make no higher recommendation other than Lostpedia, who provide an invaluable synopsis. Just don’t ask me to explain.

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