Thu 24th Dec – TV Preview


It’s Christmas Time, There’s No Need To Be Afraid.

You can tell Christmas has finally arrived when Carols from King’s College gets rolled out (BBC2 at 6:15pm if you fancy). No matter what your family’s traditions are on the 24th Decmeber, I am pretty sure that television will play a part in it somewhere if only to take the weight off your feet for half an hour. BBC1 will entertain you with a non-stop selection of light(weight?) entertainment throughout the evening. From 8pm there’s an hour-long installment of My Family, which I gave up watching after Kris Marshall left to join BT and I continue to work on the assumption that it’s not worth going back to. After that it’s the RT Pick of the Day, the wonderful Victoria Wood and her Midlife Christmas, which is a brand new hour of sketches and then David Tennant continues to take over the airwaves with an appearance on QI, anyone would think he was trying to plug something. If that 30-minutes isn’t enough, you can get more of a Tennant-fix on CBeebies at 6:50pm where he’s reading bedtime stories all week. If this is all a bit fluffy for your tastes, ITV comes along with the 1one-hundredth episode of Taggart for your delectation. Over on the digital channels, there’s not a lot of new stuff with most of the larger stations offering endless repeats or old movies, which I guess is pretty much all some people will be after. On E4HD though, new epsodes of my favourite sitcoms can be found back-to-back from 9pm, The Big Bang Theory, followed by How I Met Your Mother. The latter has been a revelation to me in the months since E4 acquired the hugely successfull US show and broadcast it to hugely unaware UK public. I recall that the first series was shown in some godawful time-slot a few years ago and it crashed and burned so kudos to E4 for resurrecting it. Not only that, they gave it the tea-time slot and showed 5 new eps a week for about four months, which was thoroughly wonderful. It is hard to review it without comparisson to Friends, but take my word it is so worthwhile taking some time with it. So, that is my, quite surprising, recommendation for the day. Legen-“wait-for-it”-dary!

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