Wed 23rd Dec – TV Preview


Here’s Looking At You

Well, Pick of the Day, according to the RT at least, for the “so-close-you-can-smell-Christmas” 23rd of December is the somewhat unfestive Spooks series 8 finale. I am still a few episodes behind in this run but I will be doing what I can in the work-free days that approach to rectify that. So far, the budget cuts have not really dampened by enjoyment of the show although the Section D offices do look rather pokier than usual. Over on C4 at 10pm, there is the finale (in case you missed it first time round on digital or even on DVD) of True Blood. Again, it’s another show that I can’t quite get in to but probably need to sit down with a boxset for an afternoon to really appreciate it. My personal recommendation for Wednesday night is going to be Not Going Out, the show first cancelled earlier this year and then recommissioned by the Beeb in last couple of weeks. If you’ve not seen it before, (a) where have you been?, and (b) give it a go now. It’s a gag-fuelled half hour of silly entertainment that, 9 times out of 10, hits the spot and warrants a chuckle.  Out in the wilderness of the digital only channels, there is another installment of 10 Minute Tales (Sky @ 10pm) the first of which was a joy (review soon but pic above to whet the appetite), the third Royal Institute Christmas Lecture (More4 @ 7pm) and fighting it out for my pick of the day is Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe (BBC4 @ 10pm) who undoubtedly will say many things that I wish I could be so eloquent as to write here. May be, just may be, the schedules are picking up.

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