Christmas Is Coming


Here’s Looking At Ood!

Some of you may be wondering why I haven’t been posting here much of late. The reason is because I have just launched a new blog over on that has been eating up a fair bit of my posting time, but fear not, because I will back in full flow here very soon (as well as over there) because this Saturday sees the start of the television schedule which is covered by the festive bumper issue Radio Times. This means that there will be a plethora of shows that meet the “PWW Criteria”: that most rigorous and exacting of criteria which determines which programmes are honoured by brief circling with a highlighter pen in the aforementioned tome… “Probably Worth Watching”. There will be seasonal highlights, noughties-defining moments of brilliance and a fair few turkeys to boot and I will be here all the way through talking about what you’ve missed and what’s coming up.  So, here’s how it will work. Everyday from Friday 18th until 2nd January I’ll be writing up about the television viewing chez Fazzinchi and trying to guide you through the inevitable melee of the schedules. Explaining what forthcoming shows have received a bright yellow daubing in the RT, rating them, assessing them and occasionally (in all likelihood) explaining which shows get the boot when the Sky+ planner fills up too quickly.

P.S. Couldn’t pass up the opportunity to say how cool the “Never Mind The Buzzcocks – Doctor Who Special” was last night!

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