The Mad Woman in the Attic: Part 2

Sarah Jane Adventures

Don’t You Think She Looks Young?

Well, I completely forgot to blog about part 2 of this excellent Joe Lidster penned Sarah Jane Adventure. Frank Collins has posted a fine review over on Behind The Sofa, and managed to capture almost all of what I wanted to write but added another layer of acedemic analysis through his insightful thoughts about the portrayal of the feminine characters. Another good review can be found here, which takes a slightly more negative view of proceedings, stating “…there was so much going on that it became an unnecessarily tangled web…” (although I don’t think Tim was the only one who picked up on the hint that Rani and Luke end up married).

Unusually, this was a tale that included no real villains. Harry the caretaker and Sam the loner both were trying to do what was best to protect their new found alien friend, the ship was trying to protect Eve while recharging its batteries, and Eve herself was just a lost child unsure about how to interact with the world. Once everyone found out, then you might have expected the conclusion to be played out with some degree of predictability but there were a number of nice touches.

Firstly, Harry and Sam left with Eve and Ship to form their own little quirky team of intergalactic wanderers (you can hear the fanfic writers firing up their laptops as we speak to pen tales of how this foursome meet up with the Doctor’s daughter, Jenny). And as an added bonus, the ship managed to free K-9 from his responsibilities of being leashed to the black hole. Secondly, the titular “Mad Woman”, or “Old Rani” who was effectively narrating the story to Adam, turned out to be on her own because of a misunderstanding by Ship who had wiped Sarah Jane, Clyde and Luke out of existence just before flying off to the stars, leaving Rani on her own. Thankfully, Adam turned out to be Sam and Eve’s son who had returned to put the time-line’s right. Finally, there was a lovely little coda where Souad Faress’s brilliantly portrayed Old Rani was seen in the corrected version of history.

However, I guess the big excitement all revolved around the anticpation of David Tennant’s return to the role of the Doctor this Thursday, which was tantalisingly glimpsed in both the story and the next time trailer. I. Cannot. Wait. So, will you be bunking off work early to catch “The Wedding of Sarah Jane”?

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