Who's Got the X-Factor?


Countdown to Christmas

Well the interminable auditions finally concluded and over the course of two weekends we got through Boot Camp and the Judge’s Houses to arrive at last weekend’s first live show, well, shows in fact because while Strictly reverted to a one-night format this year, X-Factor has expanded to two. Aside from the inevitable feeling of guilt that racks through the body upon watching and becoming engaged with Uber Stalle Fuhrer Cowell’s ITV behemoth, it was actually a really good show, albeit a simple 21st century version of Opportunity Knocks. There were also no shortage of talking points. We had the woeful John and Edward murdering the kareoke classic, Rock DJ; we had bickering amongst the judges reaching new heights; we had controversial comments from Dannii teasing Danyl about his sexuality, we had the dreadful news about Stephen Gately’s untimely demise meaning Louis was absent from the second show; we had Robbie’s big comeback soured by allegations (in the press) that he was wired on drugs during his wide-eyed, sweaty and somewhat manic rendition of his new single; and we had girl back Kandy Rain voted out. And if that wasn’t bad enough we’ve now had former winner Leona Lewis being happy slapped by a punter at a book signing. Just for the record here were my tweets from through the show (slightly edited in to something approaching English)

  1. Danyl Johnson: Again I agreed with Simon and thought that he was bloody amazing! Top stuff. 9/10.
  2. Joe McElderry: Nice rendition of No Regrets… he has a really interesting voice. 7.5/10
  3. John/Edward: “We’re not cocky” said of them. Let’s add liar to their list of inadequate qualities. Weak, Weak, WEAK! Time to go home lads 0.5/10
  4. Lucie Jones: She was really quite good. Not sure the criticisms of the judges were well founded. 7/10
  5. Lloyd Daniels: Hated it. Sounded awful… but might be just my age and the fact I dislike the song. 3/10
  6. Jamie Afro: I’d buy an album of his now. He reminds me of the songs of my youth. And I’m so happy he’s got a band! 8.5/10
  7. Miss Frank: Better singing in harmony than in previous shows but I still don’t get them. 6.5/10
  8. Stacey Solomon: “Every home should have one” Must be one of the favourites 8.5/10. Brill Brill Brill!
  9. Rikki “the hat” Loney: Caused Louis to look like he was sucking a lemon. Performance was only okay, really. 5.5/10 Don’t cry Rikki!
  10. Olly Murs: I agree with comments that he is understated, and as Robbie said. I wanna be his mate too. 7.5/10 but he’s got to sing better
  11. Kandy Rain: Instigated a great boys v girls fight among the judges. Good performance though. 6.5/10
  12. Rachel: Simon said he misunderestimated her… what? Isn’t that a Bush-ism. He was right that her make-up was awful though. 7/10
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