Where Ian Wright Calls Me "A Fool"


Is There Anybody Out There?

Have you been watching “Live from Studio Five“, the new tea-time magazine programme on Five? Me neither, and judging by the ratings and criticism section on its Wikipedia entry linked above, no-one else either. However, yesterday while I was idly channel hopping while reading Twitter updates on my phone, I stumbled over Melinda Messenger, Ian Wright (Wright Wright) and Kate from the Apprentice sat behind a desk and talking about the pop culture issues of the day. For reasons unclear, I left them chattering while I tweeted. What a strange world we inhabit. On the surface it seems like there is a genuinely entertaining programme struggling to get out but it’s almost impossible to define what that might be. The kind of show that is so popular in the States (albeit a little later in the evening) like Leno or the magifient Jon Stewart have never seemed to translate over here and the landmark TFI Friday was a trick never to be repeated. Even so, LFSF is a brave attempt at capturing the zeitgeist where common sense dictates a market should be waiting, after all, other channels offer nowt more exciting than regional news, the One Show, the news, Hollyoaks or Emmerdale.

The main topic for discussion as I tuned in, seemed to be asking the question: How can the Sugababes still be called the Sugababes even though the last original Sugababe has left? Ian Wright seemed awfully angry that they could even consider keeping the name. Phone in hand I texted back to the the show asking…

“There are no members of the Arsenal team left that were there when Wrighty was playing. Does that mean they’re not really Arsenal any more?”

Lo and behold, my text was read out by the lovely Ms Messenger leading to Ian Wright having, what I assume was a playful over-reaction and ended with him calling me a fool. Result!

  1. September 23rd, 2009
  2. September 23rd, 2009

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