40 Reasons We Love The BBC

There is a report on the Guardian website about a speech that James Murdoch made about the BBC, in which Dear Mr Murdoch beseeched the establishment to deregulate and tear down the structures of the BBC. I paraphrase, of course, but follow the link through if you want to see him in all his glory. The phrase, “lowest common denominator” means nothing to this man. Inevitably, now the idiocy of this idea has started to permeate the Twitterverse, a hashtag ( #welovethebbc ) has emerged to fight back. Here are a few reasons to join in and why the BBC is so wonderful…

  1. No Adverts
  2. David Attenborough
  3. Without the BBC you are left with ITV
  4. Local non-commercial Radio
  5. Doctor Who
  6. Torchwood
  7. Being Human
  8. The BBC website
  9. iPlayer
  10. BBC Four
  11. CBeebies
  12. QI
  13. The World Service
  14. The Shipping Forecast
  15. Test Match Special
  16. The Archers
  17. Have I Got News For You
  18. Mayo and Kermode
  19. 5 Live
  20. Well, what channel do you watch on Christmas Day?
  21. Party Political Broadcasts
  22. Impartiality
  23. Watch this
  24. Stephen Poliakov
  25. Cathy Come Home
  26. Boys From The Blackstuff
  27. Our Friends In The North
  28. State of Play
  29. Grange Hill
  30. The Multi-Coloured Swap Shop
  31. Comic Relief
  32. Pride and Prejudice
  33. Imagine not being in the UK and not getting it
  34. A place where, even if you don’t like it, Radio 3 is possible
  35. The Adam and Joe Podcast
  36. The best sports coverage in the world
  37. The Office
  38. Fawlty Towers
  39. Who Do You Think You Are
  40. Did I mention, no adverts

Feel free to add more or respond in the comments

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