Big Brother to End


The Fun and Games Are Over

It may not be devastating news to many. Indeed, it may be seen as a blessed relief to some, but news has been confirmed that Channel 4’s next series of Big Brother, the eleventh, will be its last as the broadcaster, amid falling viewer figures, seems to have had enough of its once great, summer blockbuster. That’s not to say that another station won’t step in and buy the format from Endemol but it’s certainly the end of an era. I have to confess that the current series has slipped gently away from my TV radar and, since going on holiday in early August, myself and the Other Viewer didn’t even bother trying to catch up with it again. Having said that, it is clear from a number of people in the Twitterverse, that we may have missed a bit of a classic but it just didn’t seem worthwhile trying to catch up. Personally, I think that there is still mileage in this most basic of reality formats. Get a diverse bunch of strangers to live in a house together and see how they get on, is a ridiculously simple concept but one which, given the right vehicle and level of audience interraction, can engage with the viewer for a rewarding experience. Give it an overhaul, tweak the format and there might be life in the old dog yet.

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