Who's For New Who?


On The Sofa, Not Behind It

20th July 2009 is a day to remember! Is it because it is the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landings? Not exactly, no. Is it, perhaps, because Freddie Flintoff has become some kind of cricketing deity by taking five wickets during England’s  historic victory over the old enemy at Lords? No. (Well, may be a little bit). Or is it because filming is now underway on the newest incarnation of the adventures of our favourite Time Lord? Could be.The commencement of filming on Series Five (or Series One if you like the new reset, or Series 31 if you are even more old school) was celebrated by BBC Breakfast this morning as Lizo Mzimba and Ben Cook (or @lizo_mzimba and @benjamin_cook and as they seem to be more widely known to certain tweople) perched on the sofa to be interviewed in a five minute piece about the new costume. Again it was another one of those moments when you wonder what kind of cultural institution has Doctor Who become to warrant such attention, and to wonder what kind of person I have become who feels compelled to blog about a five-minute piece on breakfast telly.

Regardless, it is undoubtedly a fun time to be a Whovian. The disappointment of having no series in 2009 seems to have been tempered somewhat by the various treats of the final Tennant specials, Torchwood’s much-lauded Children of Earth, the forthcoming Sarah-Jane Adventures (which will include a fully fledged Doctor story) plus whatever other goodies they have up their sleeves like an almost certain Children in Need treat. It’s all good when you think about it and the powers-that-be have even pursuaded the legend that is Tom Baker to don his audio-only scarf and bring the fourth Doctor back to life. Never been a massive fan of the audios but even I may be tempted in to downloading that one.

Today though, is all about the bow tie.

I had thought gothic, possibly steampunk or Victorian but never even considered that “80’s Geography teacher” was a genre in need of resurrection. It’ll probably grown me and many folk have commented that it could be seen a little Troughton-esque. As an added plus, we also got to see the new HD-ready TARDIS exterior (I would post a link but it’s on a newpaper website that sounds a bit like Daily Fail and I refuse on principle to give them the URL of publicity), which also features what can only be described as a casting spoiler…. the first of many.

    • Steve Padgham
    • July 23rd, 2009

    I think both the costume & Tardis are wonderful. That’s the Peter Cushing model, isn’t it. Brilliant. Amy Pond looks very 60’s too. I like it.

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