Torchwood: Day Two – Second Thoughts


Day Two – In the big Torchwood House

After I watched Day One, I mentioned that the trailer-fest and general press previews had provided enough to let me know, more or less, what was going to happen until the end of the episode. However, in the countdown to Day Two, I had somewhat less of an idea. The “Next Time” snippet had given us enough information to let us know that Jack’s bloodied corpse would make an appearance but there were some lovely gruesome scenes as his body regenerated nonetheless. The plot developed nicely in an unrushed manner without ever feeling padded as our heroes were seperated with only their wits to get them through but still all meeting up again by the end (although, I’m trying not to think too carefully about the quick drying cement ‘cos I’m sure there’s a gaping, great big plot-hole somewhere there). Having said that, with no hub and no high-tech car to help them, I look forward to more of this seat of the your pants action over the coming evenings. In hindsight, once we know the full story and come back to revisit Day Two on the DVD release, I suspect we’ll appreciate this installment for its character pieces and slices of action rather than its storyline but that is exactly the sort of opportunity that this format provides.

The character of Lois is a welcome addition and I now suspect (after falling for the Dr Rupesh double bluff yesterday) that she could become an addition to the full time crew. Her line “I’m a P.A. it’s what I do” was a classic. Again the humour ran through this episode with a bravado seldom seen in 9pm so called “adult” dramas, such as the rather wonderful piece when Frobisher’s children chant “We. Want. A. Pony”. The one character who seems-a-bit-incompetent-but-really-shouldn’t-be is the mysterious Johnson, the woman tasked with killing the Torchwood Three, and her gang of black-clad, misfiring henchmen who couldn’t hit a barn-door from ten yards with their array of firearms. Niggles aside, the main point of this episode seemed to be to ramp up the mystery and get the viewers asking all the right questions over the water-coolers tomorrow morning, and in that, it was a great success. Hopefully, those 5.9 million viewers from last night stuck around.  So, what do you think? Better, worse or much the same quality as Day One?

    • fazzinchi
    • July 8th, 2009

    I think we’re all hoping the pay-off will be worthy of the set-up

  1. Well! That was just about the tensest hour of television I’ve ever watched. I sure hope whatever secret the British government is covering lives up to the dastardly heights that tonight’s story has paved the way for. And I was glad to see that the mysterious Clem has managed to evade the authorities and might survive this yet. And how I loved to see Gwen at her kick-ass best. And the return of the garrulous Torchwood wannabe (the copper who’s name I can’t remember) was a welcome cameo, too.

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