BB10 Review, Week 1


Guess who’s back to ruin/make* your summer? (*delete as applicable)

Well, the sun came along, gave us all a few days of warmth and sunshine and then disappeared to shatter those early promises of a long hot summer. Not to worry though because, if there’s one thing Brits like to talk about as much as the weather, it’s Big Brother.  Or Big Bloody Brother if you prefer. It’s always had a reputation as one of those love it or hate it “marmite” shows but this time around I get the sense that it’s missed its traditional polarising position in the schedules to become a little, so what?!

I took the opportunity to utilise Twitter through the launch show last week (with my unedited first thoughts about the housemates collected below for posterity) which gave the TV event a new twist for me. Use of hashtag, #BB10, is recommended if you want to join in. Charlie Brooker’s tweets were a particular treat and since then, Grace Dent (who hosted the Decade in the Headlines doc) has been hysterical.  Even Queen of BB, Davina herself, has been tweeting like a goodun and there are also a growing number of ex-housemates on there too, which gives the whole thing a faintly odd perspective. Usually, I like to say what I like about these people who put themselves up for this annual freakshow but it seems weirdly fitting that they now get to answer back, albeit only after they’ve left the house. Imagine my surprise when Nick “don’t call me nasty” Bateman started following me.  Hi Nick!!

This interaction and reaction is all well and good but Endemol / C4 / E4 seem to have committed a faux pas this year by removing the “live feed” for most of the day and limited it to a few overnight hours.  Given that the object of the exercise is to give viewers a voyeuristic opportunity to indulge in some people watching, it seems like an odd call. Campaigns are afoot to get it re-instated but who knows if they’ll be successful? The powers-that-be are quoting the fact that the cost of providing the live action is not worth it considering the small number of people who actually watch. Fair enough you might think but that misses the point… it is these uber-fans who watch and document and post and report on the goings-on that give the “average” viewer like me the reassurance that we are not being unnecessarily duped by unscrupulus editing of the evening show.

On the plus side, Little Brother and Big Mouth also return, with George Lamb and Davina respectively.  George is far better on his own than with the awful whats-her-face from last year and the one-hour format for both is much better. In the house itself though all seems a little flat.  The first night “twist” was a little low-brow, which I realise sounds like an exercise in stating the bleeding obvious but really, when did shaving eyebrows off become in any way entertaining? The housemates are perhaps a little less extreme than we have been used to or may be hoped for: may be this is a consequence of Rachel’s unmemorable victory last time out. Anyway, as always there is the potential for anything to happen and some interesting cracks are starting to appear along with some even more interesting alliances. Without further ado, here’s my first night tweets that prove nothing if not the fact that first impressions are rarely accurate….

#Siavash = “I don’t have any nicknames”…. I bet you do now. Splendid moustache though.

#Sree = Wearing a Geri Halliwell shirt. Could be an interesting one to watch. A real United Nations of BB this year.

#Saffia = “I hate everyone”…. slightly troubling that she’s a mother and a dental nurse. Chariot Saffia.

#Charlie = Isn’t he a bit like that nameless Geordie fella that won it a few year’s back? Well done on getting in the house quickly!

#Rodrigo = “I think England is turning me gay”. He seems like a nice, happy bloke.

#Sophia = Already has a career as a Blue Peter presenter lined up after she is evicted in week 5. Now hyperventilating on runway.

#Beinazir = She is so “street” she may as well be called Beinazir Avenue .

#Marcus = FOR THE WIN. That is all.

#Karly= Isn’t she already in the house?

#Angel = She’s not from round here, in a Chris Eubank kind of way.

#Cairon = “I feel weird wiping my own ass” riiiight. #BB10 I like him too…. what’s wrong with me?

#Noirin = Love the Irish. Teeth specially whitened for the event, need to turn down the contrast!

#Kris = Obviously asked to act like a tit for his promo (aren’t they all?) but I kind of like him.

#Sophie = Surely the public will turn against her quickly, haven’t we seen a million like her before?

#Lisa = will be interesting to see when the defences come down. Or may be Kitten re-incarnated

#Freddie seems like he’ll be good at winding the others up.

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