Sack The Bloody Lot of Them


When I’m Cleaning Windows

Wasn’t The Apprentice a scream last night?  Quite literally in the case of the girls’ team.  I have an office-based, business-y type job with a background in more hands on work, and I always think that I could do a million times better than the mpuppets that roll up at the start of each new series of siralan’s behemoth.  However, after watching last night’s first episode of the fifth series, I’m thinking that I’d rather be anywhere else on earth than stuck with that bunch of  plebeians. It’s compelling to watch though.

I love the fact that the show has not gone the way of so many other reality vehicles by descending into some phone voting travesty where we’re all begged to call in and decide who gets the catchphrase and the finger (so to speak). Rather the victor will be 100% determined by the main man himself… well, may be 90% (I’m guessing he gets a steer from the producers to advise him who will make the best telly). Apparently there were 15 contestants on the starting blocks last night, although I can only recall about 6 of them as I sit here.  With the late withdrawl of one of the guys I assume we will get a week down the line where no-one gets voted off  “in a surprise move by siralan” just to keep things interesting.  I would write a longer review but Rob and Andrew have done as good a job as I could wish to, and Roo has some insight on the two screened, Twitter-fueled approach to enjoying the show.

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