Human Condition

Being Human b

Tea and Sympathy

I finally watched the sixth and final episode of Being Human and what a great finale it turned out to be. I had no idea what to expect when the series began. After being told that it was a comedy about a ghost, a vampire and a werewolf in a house-share, I was expecting something akin to My Family crossed with a cheap horror flick.  Thankfully though, what we got was a contemporary style drama about three young people battling with their, almost literal, inner demons (along with some occasional cheap horror flick special effects).  The comedy element was downplayed to such an extent that describing this in any way as a comedy would be slightly disingenuous, although there plenty of quotable, snappy lines of dialogue.

My favourite character was Russell Tovey’s George.  Having first seen Russell in Doctor Who’s “Voyage of the Damned”, then in the Bleak-House-beating Little Dorrit and finally (last night in fact) in the movie adaptation of Alan Bennett’s The History Boys, I feel like I’m turning in to a real fan of this young actor. I can see why Russell T Davies and others hold him in such high regards. His mild-mannered awkwardness, such as the delightful way he carefully pronounced all his T’s, made his 4-weekly transformation into a werewolf all the more disturbing.

Mitchell (Aiden Turner’s vampire) and Annie (a ghost played by Lenora Critchlow) also had their own journey’s that intertwined through the six episodes and resulted in satisfying viewing for any diserning viewer. Plenty of supporting cast also made an impact as seemingly very ordinary people coped with their extraordinary secrets in wildly differing ways.  It is great news indeed that a second series has been commissioned and I remain hopeful of a full-blown, extras-filled DVD release (including the pilot episdoe that I somehow managed to miss)

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