Status Report

Danny Boy from Lost

Oh Danny Boy, why is the island mo-oving?

“Where have you been?”, almost none of you have asked.  Well, it’s been a hectic old month at the office and, to be honest, the last thing I’ve found myself wanting to do after a day of writing reports and staring at a computer screen, is to stare at a computer screen and write reports about TV shows.  In fact… (1) Watch some telly, (2) listen to music and (3) play games, is about all my addled mind can cope with of late. Anyhoo, here are the latest thoughts (as well as the normal hollow promises about posting more often)…

  1. Enjoyed tweeting through the Cup Final yesterday despite the final outcome.  If you’re not a Twitter user you can follow my updates through the lifestream on the right (which I guess you can’t see if you only read the RSS feed).  It got me thinking that it might be fun to tweet through regular  TV shows too. “Planet of the Dead” might be a good place to start and use of hashtags (#planetofthedead) would be a good way of tracking.
  2. Thanks to all 12 of you that voted in the February poll.  Doctor Who won by a landslide.  I guess that tells me where most of your allegiances lie, so a Doctor Who themed poll for March will be up shortly.
  3. Currently enjoying Battlestar Galactica (which is looking like the show that’s finally stolen Babylon 5’s crown as my personal favourite space opera of all time), Lost (which is having a magnificent fifth season with more wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff than you can shake a stick at), and Dexter (still in series two here in the UK and the noose is tightening on the Bay Harbor Butcher).
  4. Almost posted an album review here, by way of a change, after Lily Allen’s latest has been on a loop in my car all month.  Might still get round to it.  However, U2’s new one is out today so poor Lily is soon to be usurped.
  5. Stupidly, I have become addicted to Football Manager 2009.  As if the relentless disappointment of being a fan of the genuine Tottenham team wasn’t enough, I now have a fake team that I manage as well.  I am two seasons in to my managerial career and have managed top half finishes and european qualification both seasons.  No silverware though.  My team were beaten in the semi-final of the Euro Cup last week and it felt exactly the same as losing yesterday’s real cup final.  I guess that’s a sign of how good a game it is, but it feels like the first step towards madness.
  6. Now, here’s the promised promise. Reviews in my head of “Samantha, Who?”, “Whitechapel”, “Desperate Housewives”,  “Not Going Out”, “Friday Night with Jonathan Ross” as well as the shows in “bullet 3″above are all in my head at the moment. Keep watching and one or two review may actually turn up here 🙂
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