Can He Fix It?


First Day in a New Job

Sometimes you find yourself waiting so long for an event that it feels as though that day is never going to come. The endless bleakness that engulfs your life as wait, as patiently as you can for that new lease of life, that spark of hope, that one shining star in the blackness of the longest night. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Battlestar Galactica is back for its final run tonight.  Oh, and this chap started his new job too.BBC HD did an entirely adequate job at covering the inauguration of the 44th President (apart from some very dodgy graphics during the split screen head shots and the fairly inane babble of the pundits). Anyway, after Aretha Franklin performed her wierd cover version of God Save The Queen and a stumbling start to his oath taking, BHO gave the watching American and worldwide audience the kind of stirring speech that we have come to expect from this most remarkable of men. Nothing jumped out as being instantly quotable, which was a pleasant deviation from the usual soundbite politics we are useful. Great campaign, great start to his leadership. I just hope he can fix it after all.

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