Bloody Good Fun


Do want eggs with that?

An inexplicable absence of series two of Dexter on DVD here in Region 2, combined with the fact that I completely failed to realise that the obsure channel, FX, had picked up the initial UK broadcast rights (along with my reluctance to illegally download these things) means that last Thursday’s debut on ITV1 was the first chance I had got to see whether the “difficult second album” was going to live up the joyful first outing for everyone’s new favourite serial killer.Given that series three is well under way (if not concluded already) Stateside, it has been almost impossible for me to remain spoiler-free.  However, the episode did not disappoint.

Episode 1, “It’s Alive” kicked off with an unecessarily long recap of series one (or perhaps the necessity was simply lost on me) but the action soon got under way with those ever so disturbing opening credits, where the simple act of “getting up and getting ready to go out” is distorted into a wierd fantasy evocative of some delightfully nasty goings on. The theme music really does remind me of some old sixties TV show or movie though. [Edit: Is it The 39 Steps?]  The story set up a number of threads that I guess are going to play out over the coming weeks.

  • Firstly, Sergeant Doakes is on Dexter’s trail forcing the anti-hero into a patient waiting game before he can kill again. Although, when the opportunity arises he somehow can’t go through with the kill.
  • Secondly, Rita (probably the only weak point from the first season) seems to be having some suspicions about Dexter’s possible role in the re-incarceration of her ex, so I’m hoping for more from this new angle to their relationship… which is bound to end badly for her at some point, surely?!
  • Thirdly, and most excitingly, it would seem that the serial killer they are all looking for this time around is Dexter himself after all the body parts are found at the bottom of the harbour.

There are some other, dare I say, less interesting elements including Laguerta’s demotion, and Debra’s re-introduction to the force after her ordeal with the “Ice Truck Killer” but that doesn’t mean these are not enjoyable elements.  The acting and characterisation from all the support cast are great, and especially enjoyable is Masuka with his increasingly inappropriate wise-cracks. Direction is solid and the whole show is underpinned with an entirely appropriate, slightly sleazy, latino feel. I can’t wait for the eventual DVD so I can enjoy it without the bleedin’ ITV1 adverts.

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