I Resolve To Call You Up

So, resolutions. The curse of the blogger. They’ve caught me out before on occasions when I’ve previously pledged to either “write here every day”, or “review this or that”, or even “redesign the site”. However, this year the object of these public promises is to set myself some achievable online goals. (I have personal resolutions in addition to these that I won’t bore you with here, ‘cos I seriously doubt that you want to know how much exercise I am planning on doing). So, here goes for ’09…

1. Blog when the muse takes me. i.e. when I have something to say. Hopefully, this will mean the blog won’t be a burden.
2. Topics to be more varied. It’ll still be focussed on all things television but not in isolation or at the expense of more interesting subjects.
3. Get with the Web 2.0 programme. I have linked (via the excellent Lifestream plugin on the right) to the other social networks where I can be found in an endeavour to marry together online activities.
4. I resolve to include more interactivity here in 2009. Polls, surveys, memes, and all sorts of blogging merriment would be nice… I just need the knowledge (and the plugins).
5. Blog anywhere. This post has been written using the WordPress for iPhone app and with Twitter and Facebook also loaded up, there’s no excuse for quietness.

With a bit of luck, I’ll get more comments than posts this year (a “post:comment ratio” of more than 1.00 is essential for a lively blog). So what do you reckon, what else should I be trying?

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