Friday Night Without Jonathan Ross

Everyone seems to be having their say over Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand, so I figure I’ll hop on board. It’s a tangled web and no mistake but here’s the bottom line: it’s great, big, stinking mess over absolutely nothing. Almost everything I’ve read and seen has been band-wagon jumping of the highest order, when in reality it is a very simple situation. They overstepped the mark of good taste and the opportunity to mitigate against the error of judgement was missed. Reprimand, apology, and move on. Case closed.

If everyone who ever made an error of judgement (and/or upset someone) while doing their job was hounded out of employment then there would be almost no people left working at all. The fact of the matter is that there must be about a million incidents of things being broadcast that are far, far worse or more offensive than last weekend’s Russell Brand show and nothing happens to address them. I listened to the incident fairly soon after the link was posted on Andrew Collins’ site on Monday afternoon and was quite nonplussed (and, dare I say, very mildly amused). May be it’s my age or liberal disposition, who knows? And, to be honest, who cares? My personal tastes should not dictate what the BBC broadcasts but neither should anyone else’s.

So, it seems that certain elements of the press who are always keen to peddle anti-BBC sentiment, got to hear about some near the knuckle broadcast. If it was anyone other than this high-profile and overpaid pair, then we’d have heard nothing more about it and the two people who did complain about the profanities during the show would have had their simple letter of apology. However, the fact that it was Ross and Brand meant that the Daily Mail’s of the world had some celebrity angle to work with. Not just that, but also the fact that the salaries of those celebs had been widely and perhaps justly criticised in the past, and equally that we are dealing with two people who, it has to said, can be quite easy to dislike. A perfect allignment of the planets, then, for those who want to bash the Beeb (see Richard Littlejohn for illustration). However, regardless of how interesting the debate may be, it is still largely irrelevant and Ross and Brand, let alone Lesley Douglas, should never have found themselves in this siuation.

    • fazzinchi
    • November 3rd, 2008

    because Charlie Brooker says it better than the rest of us

    • susie huxtable
    • October 31st, 2008

    Its just like farting in front of your in laws, folk titter and its acceptable until the wrong set no longer find it funny. If it was all so private how did russell brand find out she was andrew sachs grand daughter, seeing as she is suggesting it did happen but was private

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