Back in the Fold

After a short break for the summer, I am returning to the blogging world.  With a bit of luck there’ll be some decent programmes on TV worth writing about. There’ll be a DVD review of Dexter series one, and TV reviews of House of Saddam and the start of Spooks: Code 9 to come.  For now though, there are only two things on telly, the Olympics and Big Brother.  I’ll leave the Olympic coverage until after the medals have been counted on Sunday night but for now let’s update on BB9.

The surviving housemates and my personal rantings about them, are as follows:

  • Darnell. Oh boy does he have issues?  There’s a really nice guy deep inside trying to get out but the weight of all those chips on his shoulders are dragging him down. And as for his singing, just stop it. Now. It’s not the bloody X-Factor.
  • Kat. I’m fairly bored with her now, to be honest.  She is nice enough and has a good heart but as we enter the final days, I don’t see her as a winner.  Not in my book.  She’s just way too naive and a bit of a goody two shoes.
  • Lisa. She really hasn’t grown on me at all.  I thought Mario’s departure might bring out a new side to her but I was wrong. Her vacuous expression and monotone voice just turn me off.
  • Mikey.  Didn’t like him to start with, but his straight-talking honesty is refeshing and he calls a spade a f***ing spade but quite perceptive with it.  He seems to see past all the game playing as well.  Could well go far.
  • Mo.  Greedy, greedy Mo is a five year old trapped in a man’s body.  The grossness of eating someone else’s bogeys for a can of warm cider was a low-point for society, let alone reality TV.
  • Nicole. Clearly regretted entering the house 15 minutes after arriving.  Should’ve walked but has imposed her misery on the viewing public until inevitable eviction this Friday.
  • Rachel. I like her… sort of.  She is coming out of her shell now that the numbers in the house are  dropping. However, I’m starting to believe the game-playing jibes of late but that doesn’t stop her being the nicest person in there… and contrary to popular opinion, that’s not a bad thing.
  • Rex.  Polarizer of opinions. His grilfriend’s arrival has made this The Rex and Nicole Show but, even though he’s a bit of a tit, his mickey taking is quite funny. Obviously,, he’s only in there for the publicity and for that we should evict him.
  • Sara. Should be out of there soon. She is a one-dimensional flirt and does nothing other than pretend to be everyone’s best friend.

I guess that means I’d like Rachel, Mikey and Darnell as the final three but time will tell.

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