Day Fifty-Four

Blog Life is so much easier when you’re not trying to take screencaps with your cameraphone to upload on Flickr so that you can include pretty images in your posts.  Back when I decided to write about Journey’s End au naturelle, as it were, I promised I would go back and add in the pictures later. However, the experience has left me liberated.  Blogs afterall, are about words not pictures, so I have decided that here at Fazzinchi Towers we’re going pic-free for a while.  Let me know what you think?

Anyway, you remember how Davina tells us every year to “Say goodbye to your summer” when the latest installment of BB hits the screens.  Well, she almost got it right.  I’ve been surprisingly addicted to the antics of this year’s wannabes and, since there’s been bugger all else worth tuning in for over the last few weeks, a regular 10pm dose of unscripted soap opera has been a welcome diversion.  I guess when your are trapped in a small, enclosed environment with no access to the outside world and nothing like TV, newspapers, music or books to distract you… then going a bit stir crazy is only to be expected.

So Mo, Mikey, Maysoon, Kat, Darnell, Rex, Dale, Lisa, Luke Rachel, Sarah and Stu have all survived through to this part of the process.  If I could be bothered voting (which I can’t: not because of the much-publicised controversies surrounding TV phone-ins but instead because it’s a waste of money) I’d have “Greedy Mo”, “Weird Lisa”, and the oddball that is Darnell in my sights for eviction votes.  There seems to be a groundswell of opinion against Luke (and what’s left of his gang) but I love watching him. He’s refreshingly eloquent, charismatic and a bit of an idiot when it comes to interacting with other people, which is an entertainingly pleasant mix.

Thankfully, for once, it is far from a foregone conclusion as to which of the inmates is going to win and the twists that Endemol are manufacturing, such as the recent introduction of Heaven and Hell and this week’s punishment of putting seven on them up for the public eviction vote, while transparently designed to “fix” the mix of contestents, is at least keeping things fresh.

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