Meme de jour

From Rob’s The Medium is Not Enough Blog, a meme…

“What are your favourite three episodes of nu-Who and why?”

In no particular order, the list has to include… Dalek. A clever re-introduction of a classic enemy: chained, seemingly helpless and alone. It included Time War revelations (when they were still a bit of a thrill), some brilliant acting from Chris and moments of high emotion fitting seemlessly with the action. Seriously, what more could you want?

Next up is the very recent offering… Midnight. It just dares to be different. No big monster, no special effects, and no easily wrapped up plotlines. It challenged the audience and delivered something not seen on early evening TV for years: bleak, hardcore sci-fi. Not to mention a fine turn from Lesley Sharp as Sky Silvestry. RTD’s best?

Finally, what list could be complete without an episode from The Moff… The Girl in the Fireplace. I was tempted to inclued one of his two-parters but as we’re looking for episodes I plumped for a standalone story. A nice dollop of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff knitted together to produce a cracking good tale that mixed 51st century starships with pre-revolutionary France.  Genius, non?

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