Show Stopper

DW 4x12 Regenerate

Well, no-one was expecting THAT.  All talk in advance had been of the return of Davros and the new Dalek empire but RTD and David Tennant may have just proved that the ability to manipulate Who fans and the general viewing public with smoke and mirrors is alive and well in the corridors of power at BBC Wales.  As long as the climactic scene of The Stolen Earth is a genuine one that will not be reset in next week’s conclusion, then that may well have been one of the greatest plot twists in Doctor Who, if not television, history.  We’ve even seen photo’s of David Tennant apparently filming the forthcoming Christmas special for crying out loud.  Despite that, I am currently begining to believe that we have seen David Tennant’s final bow as the Doctor already. The Doctor Who Forum appears to have gone into meltdown as my meagre browser can no longer access it, so I have no idea what the concensus amongst the fans might be.

I just needed to get this comment “out there”…. Full review, of course, to follow….

  1. Looking forward to the full report 🙂

  2. Was not expecting the regeneration to go as far as that but am expecting some RTD trickery pokery and a deft reset or regeneration gone awry. Even though my heart is ony just calming down now; logic says we have not seen the last of His Tennant-ness.

    Am very much looking forward to the 65minutes of episode next week,

    Almost too much!

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