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Euro 2008 a

Gary and Alan Preside.

The early evening TV schedules are packed to bursting with football at the moment.  Not surprising given that the biennial soccer festival that is either the World Cup or, in this case, the Euro Championships are here.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that none of the home nations have qualified and, unlike the last time such a thing occurred, we can’t even pretend to Irish to give us a team to follow.  So, we can choose between sticking a pin in a map of Europe or sitting back in our collective armchairs and watching the antics with the impartial eye of the neutral.  I fall into the latter group, despite holding out a little bit of hope for Spain to finally show up and perform at a Finals tournament.  Who are your team?

Plenty of highlights so far (Germany losing, Ibrahimovic’s goal, total football from the Dutch) and the typical mix good, bad and indifferent matches but one thing has become blatently clear to me… ITV is rubbish.  The BBC coverage is slick, polished and effortlessly entertaining with a good selection of pundits and when you watch on BBC HD channel, it looks like a million dollars.  Now, I know that ITV HD is now available on Freesat but I can’t see that.  However, when you watch on ITV1 the picture looks like it’s been smeared in Vaseline, the commentators talk even more gibberish than their BBC counterparts and the advertising breaks and terrible studio make it almost unwatchable. How can coverage of the same event be at two such extreme ends of the quality spectrum?

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