9 Lives

BB9 a

The Likable Luke in the new Diary Room

So here we go again.  I never bothered with BB8 after the launch show, so tuning in to BB9 was basically going to be a one night event for me and The Other Viewer.  However, they hooked us in with secret mission and a quirky gang of 16 housemates… only a few of which I’d have to stop myself from slapping upon first meeting.  So, I’m sticking with it… for now.  I know, I shouldn’t and may be, the novelty will wear off soon. Unfortunately, I did have the misfortune of tuning into Big Brother’s Little Brother, which was thoroughly atrocious, I bet C4 are regretting not pursuading Dermot to stay on now.  Whoever the hell George Lamb and Zezi are supposed to be, TV presenters they are not.  You have to watch it once just to see how bad it really is. On the plus side though, Iain Lee, who brought us the brilliant “Lost Initiative” podcast, is aiming to repeat the entertainment with Big Brother’s Big Ears, which will hopefully make up for the BBLB debacle.

For the time being though, here’s my early thoughts (in alphabetical order because I am copying the names from the official site due to the forgettable nature of some)…

  • Alexandra: Look up the phrase “self obsessed” and find Alex’s scary face looking back atcha.
  • Dale: A little bit… meh.  Eye candy for the girls (and some of the boys too, I guess)
  • Darnell: Seems to be likable enough and should make it through the next few weeks unscathed unless he gets on the wrong end of some bitchiness.
  • Dennis: Dear Endemol, Not all gay people are camp and into show tunes!
  • Jennifer: Who?
  • Kathreya: Splendidly entertaining but not sure how long she can keep up the good humour.
  • Lisa: Flying beneath the radar at the moment but could be thrust into limelight when secret mission ends.
  • Luke: Already my favourite, no chance of winning but still could get some Jon Tickle-like popularity.
  • Mario: The jury is out.
  • Michael: Seems to be trying to hard, which is understandable but he’s grating on me.
  • Mohamed: Nice guy and another one who’ll fly underneath the radar for quite some time.
  • Rachel: Another really nice housemate, decide for yourself whether this is a good thing or not.
  • Rebecca: Too much, just way too much.
  • Rex: Looks much more extrovert than he comes across, but I like him.
  • Stephanie: Very difficult start for her and probably won’t last long as a result.
  • Sylvia: Fascinating and complex when talking about her background and will make good psycholigical case-study.
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