"Right, Now We're in Trouble"

4xTrail Davros

Hello, Dave

Mmmm… the bottom half of a Dalek with a top half being mostly hidden in the shadows, trundles towards us: what can it be? The only-just-aired “rest of season” trailer, designed in part to appease to appease the Ming Mongs when the show has its mid-season, Eurovision week off and half to remind Joe Public to tune in at 7pm next week, featured the return of everyone’s favourite mad scientist, Dave Ross (as he so hilariously known). Of course, if they do tune in at 7pm they’ll miss the start!

When RTD and the gang have previously brought back monsters from the show’s past, they have had a certain degree of comfort that the execution of that return can easily exceed that of the original appearance. They are secure in the knowledge that the 21st century production techniques are a miliion miles ahead of 70’s and 80’s counterparts and, coupled with an amazing ensemble of talent at BBC Wales, they have continued to deliver something quite remarkable with each comeback.

With Davros, for it is he, they have a new challenge… Michael Wilsher’s original appearance in Genesis of the Daleks was so good (and I mean really, really top class. If you haven’t seen it, go and do so now), it’s gonna take an acting performance of exceptional quality to pull it off, ‘cos special prosthetics are not going to cut it. All this, and we see and hear Rose, complete with a huge gun and wicked on-liners, on top form too.

4xTrail Rose

God, it’s gonna be a helluva six weeks!!!!!

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